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What is a Trigger Pump Capper: All You Need To Know

What is a Trigger Pump Capper: All You Need To Know

TORQ Packaging understands the necessity for varied trigger nozzles to be fitted on mixed containers. As a result, we’ve increased our capabilities to include machines that allow for various combinations, such as:

Snap-on, roll-on, and screw-on combinations

Our machine can do this with ease. We collaborate with our customers to ensure everything is set to their specifications, from filling the bottles to having the appropriate top accessories. When locating a supplier for your packaging needs, we recognize the value of precision and speed.

A trigger cap nozzle capper is a machine that places trigger pumps on the tops of spray bottles. These bottles are commonly found on cleaning products such as disinfectants, floor cleaners, and surface cleaners. However, they can also be found in other goods that require a spray top, like foam dispensers, cosmetic pumps, lotion dispensers, soap dispensers, fragrance pumps, and cream pumps. These toppers should be placed on the container neck to align with the bottle, which is done by machine to increase the production speed.

What exactly is a Trigger Sprayer?

Although trigger spray pumps come in various designs, their functioning principles are generally the same and relatively straightforward.

First, we must recognize that the trigger sprayer comprises multiple vital components, including a nozzle valve, dip tube, spring, pump, piston, and trigger lever. Depending on the use, these can be screwed onto various bottles using various ways. Some will screw on, while others will be pressed on.

The general operation of a trigger spray is that when the trigger lever is pulled back, the liquid reserved in the pump cylinder is compressed. Because the pressurized liquid closes the gate of the one-way system on the bottom (typically an s/s ball or glass ball), the liquid is forced to pass through a narrow barrel to the end of the nozzle tip with a small orifice, resulting in foaming, jet streaming, or mist spraying depending on the nozzle patterns.

We’ve all seen and used a trigger sprayer at some point. Most households have several on hand. Have you ever wondered how the trigger sprayer ended up on the bottle? In most cases, that would be with a trigger pump capper. The trigger sprayer might also be placed on there manually.

The Benefits of Trigger Sprayers

One of the most significant advantages of trigger sprayers is their flexibility to be altered without interfering with the overall packaging process. Because of this customization, these sprayers can aid in end-user branding and identification. They are popular because they allow you to easily control how much liquid is poured at any particular time. They also allow the ends to be changed to disseminate liquids in a jet stream or fine mist.

Your Product and Your Results

The output of these sprayers can vary depending on the product you intend to use inside them. The usual output is between 0.7cc and 1.6cc. You’ll need a sprayer that can easily manage the viscosity of your specific chemical.

Selecting a Nozzle

The nozzle is a critical point when it comes to customer service. This gives the consumer control over how the product is delivered. You have a lot of combinations of designs and settings as per your preference when it comes to choosing a nozzle. You can give the consumer the option of hands-free operation, spraying, streaming, misting, turning off your product, or flipping it open. This is a vital decision in your end-overall user’s experience that should not be taken lightly.

Torque onto pump caps can easily handle various types of trigger nozzles. However, we appreciate the importance of ensuring the pump nozzle orientation picked works with your product and is the most fantastic option for individuals who use it. There are numerous choices to consider. This is why it’s crucial to discuss areas of interest with the equipment specialist to ensure you’re getting all the information you need to make an informed selection about which trigger nozzle will work best for your product.

For example, if you need to keep a liquid out of children’s hands, you’ll want a bayonet or snap-on trigger sprayer. These are only compatible with certain bottles and are exceedingly tough to remove. These sprayers and those that screw on can be added to bottles using our trigger pump capper.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate trigger sprayer for the job, you’ll need to test it to ensure it works as expected. Then, the trigger pump capper is going to work to improve the speed of production for your product. Depending on your application and sprayer choices, we can help. Our trigger point capper allows us to easily put all types of trigger point sprayers onto different bottles. Call TORQ Packaging USA today.

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