Bloc Turrets


Bloc Screw-on turrets


TORQ produces the full range of cappers also in bloc turret version for integration onto OEM filler-capper monoblocks.

Bloc Turrets can be designed with customized diameters and pitch for efficient mounting onto the customer’s standard frame.

Bloc Turrets

  • Full integration technical support for filler OEMs
  • Multiple models and options accommodate a wide range of speeds and applications
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hygienic design for ease of cleaning (FDA) certified
  • Simple changeover of closure and/ or container formats requiring minimal time, skill, investment.
  • Multi-turret configurations are available (two or more capping turrets on same bloc base)

Why TORQ Packaging USA

High Quality

Simple and robust mechanical infrastructure with the highest quality materials

Support & Service

Spare parts and support service is guaranteed worldwide. TORQ global network of technicians and agents are readily available to help.


Unmatched in our ability to customize machines according to customer needs while maintaining excellent quality and competitive pricing.

20 Years’ Experience In Packaging

TORQ Packaging USA specializes in the production of capping machines, in-line fillers, and rinsing machines.

  • User-friendly and strong mechanical parts, with high-quality, commercially-available components
  • Precision and accuracy in the filling and closure of containers
  • Hygienic design
  • Modular and flexible design with quick and repeatable change over features
  • Advanced electronics for handling special closures

bloc roll-on turrets


TORQ Bloc Turrets are known worldwide for their reliable and repeatable performance and their durability in even the most demanding production environments.

TORQ’s range of bloc turrets capping technologies and bloc turrets capper configurations is unmatched in the industry. Let us design and configure a perfect solution for your application.

bloc turret

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