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Rinsing Machine

General rinsing machine sorter and rotary capper from distance

Rinser Machine


The TORQ SR series rotary rinsing machines are for cleaning containers before filling operations.

The TORQ rinsing machine can treat containers with sterile or deionized air, microfiltered water, steam, acids, or with product to be filled.

The use of technology such as penetrating nozzles, no bottle-no spray systems, and management of injection times help to obtain more effective treatment on all types of containers, whether they are glass or plastic materials, both shaped and round.

The TORQ SR series rinsing machine is also made in the turret version for installation in the monoblock, guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

Rinsing Machine

Why TORQ Packaging USA

High Quality

Simple and robust mechanical infrastructure with the highest quality materials.

Support & Service

Spare parts and support service is guaranteed worldwide. TORQ global network of technicians and agents are readily available to help.


Unmatched in our ability to customize machines according to customer needs while maintaining excellent quality and competitive pricing.

20 Years’ Experience In Packaging

TORQ Packaging USA specializes in the production of capping machines, in-line fillers, and rinsing machines.

Rinsing Machine


TORQ rinsing machines are known worldwide for their reliable and repeatable performance and their durability in even the most demanding production environments.

TORQ’s range of rinsing machine technologies, filler systems, and capper configurations is unmatched in the industry. Let us design and configure a perfect solution for your application.

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