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What Is A Rotary Rinsing Machine

What Is A Rotary Rinsing Machine

A rotary rinser is a machine used to clean containers before they are filled. Depending on the application, the device can handle deionized or sterile air, microfiltered water, steam, and acid to wash the containers.

The rotary washing machine’s use of technology, such as management of injection times, no bottle-no spray systems, and penetrating nozzles, allows it to treat glass and plastic containers more effectively. Furthermore, these rinsing machines are also available in turret versions for monoblock installation, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Known as rotary bottle washers, these rinsers are compact and highly efficient machines with elegant washers available in sturdy and accurate configurations that offer superior functionality in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, agriculture, and chemical industries.

All contact surfaces of the machine are made of stainless steel or other FDA-approved materials. Some examples include the Samsung washing machine, Whirlpool washing machine, and LG washing machine, among many other top automatic washing machines. These machines use the “GENEVA” mechanism that operates on the principle of rotary movement. These rotary rinsing machines come in safe packaging to prevent any damage during transportation. There are a variety of different types of washing machines:

  • Electric washing machines
  • Front-loading machines
  • Top-loading machines
  • Horizontal-axis machines
  • Computer-controlled commercial washers

Features Of Rotary Rinsing Machines

Features Of Rotary Rinsing Machines

The following are some of the amazing features of rotary washers:

  • It operates on GENEVA Machine technology (Rotatory Movement)
  • It is a compact type of washing machine with minimum operating costs.
  • It has four inner washers, one outer washer, and one air washer.
  • It is possible to execute the machine with either one or multiple treatments.
  • A rotary rinsing machine can be equipped with chemical solutions, steam treatment, microfiltered water at normal or high temperatures, vacuum suction, and sterile or deionized air.
  • Depending on the neck profile, it is possible to have base handling or neck handling macexecution for the machine.
  • Liquid-contact parts of the treatment system are made of stainless steel 316.
  • It has no dead zones for product stagnation. 
  • The customer-specified sequence of washes with a control timer, specifically an electromechanical timer.
  • Each washing sequence has its solenoid valve. Tanks and pumps are mounted on parable stands for easy maintenance.
  • It is an easy incorporation machine.
  • A separate panel control prevents short circuits caused by water spray. 
  • It is equipped with a stainless steel pressure meter.
  • The turret version is available for installation in monoblocks.
  • The system can be used for a variety of container treatment applications.

Purpose of Rotary Rinsing Machines

Purpose of Rotary Rinsing Machines

Rotary rinsers clean containers and bottles before filling them by removing dust and other small particles with the help of water filters, electric motors, spin baskets, spin dryers, and design applications.

The rotary rinsing machines are designed to clean rigid containers (PET, HDPE, Glass) before filling them. The Rinsing machine can perform single or multiple treatments depending on the product and the customer’s needs.

In addition to management of injection times, no bottle-no spray systems, and penetrating nozzles, rinsing machines can be equipped with various options depending on the type of application. It allows more effective treatment of all types of containers, whether glass or plastic, shaped or uniformly coated.

Working Principle of Rotary Rinsing Machine

Working Principle of Rotary Rinsing Machine

Rotary rinsing machines operate on the rotary principle with the GENEVA mechanism and require manual loading and unloading containers. These machines are suitable for washing containers up to 1000 ml in size at a maximum speed of 100 containers per minute. There is stainless steel on every part of the machine, including the frame structure.

The intermittent handling of bottles ensures the maximum amount of time for washing. The washing sequence can also be customized according to the customer’s requirements. There are four different washing zones for optimal washing. The machine is also equipped with external washing of containers. 

Machine manufacturers can also customize the machine to suit a particular type of container or size and the sequence in which it is washed. It is suitable for special types of containers or sizes, as well as for specific washing sequences. It is possible to choose between different kinds of container washers: either designed for low-speed needs or designed for high-speed needs. In addition to washing glass and plastic bottles, this multifunctional multi featured machine meets GMP requirements.

A series of operations are carried out to load and clear the bottles on the rotating platform’s indexing part. A special bottle holder is provided for holding bottles with large neck diameters. Cup shape holders hold the bottles in an inverted position. The bottles are cleaned externally by spraying showers. Solenoid valves regulate wash timings, and spraying water when bottles are stopped enables water conservation and the sequencing of various washing media as required.

Washing Cycle of Rotary Rinsing Machine

Although each rotary rinsing machine has its specification and working principle, in general, most rotary rinsing machine works on the following washing cycle:

1st Wash: Manually load the container onto the rotary table, then drain it

2nd Wash: Cleaning the inside and outside of the container with a specific cleaner after recirculating the water.

3rd Wash: Rinsing with a sterile flow of water.

4th Wash: Unloading rinsed containers from the machine.

Benefits of Rotary Rinsing Machine

Access to washing machines has several advantages, such as simple operation, easy maintenance, operator friendliness owing to HMI interfaces and diagnostics, and easy replacement. More benefits are listed below:

  • A separate control panel helps avoid short circuits on this rotary-type modern washing machine. A rotating platform is used to load and unload the bottles, which are then cleaned by hand. It is up to the customer to choose the sequence of washes. 
  • The rotary rinsing machine can wash various shapes and sizes of containers, including oval, rectangular, square, and round ones. It is suitable for washing various containers and pet bottles.
  • The rotary rinsing machine is FDA-certified, built for easy cleaning, and has a hygienic design.
  • The rotary rinsing machine offers several treatment options, such as sterile or deionized air, vacuum suction, and micro filtered water with normal/high temperatures.
  • It uses penetration nozzles, a no-bottle no-spray system, and time management for injection.
  • There is no contamination of water conditions with stationary nozzles. With two rows, it is easy to load and unload.
  • It has centrifugal pumps with a higher washing capacity to wash larger containers or bottles. Stationary nozzles prevent bottlenecks from being chipped.
  • There is a container guide system designed specifically for lightweight bottles. Easy maintenance is made possible by mounting pumps and tanks on portable stands.

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